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In the heart of delightful  Park of nature Golija, at altitude of 1400 meters, on the hill of Daići, 100 meters from ski lift, there is the weekend house of the Lukovic family from Ivanjica.

Complex are situated in the impeccably clean natural environment of magnificent Nature Park Golija, which you can reach after 32km of asphalt road from Ivanjica, round 280km from Belgrade. 

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GOLIJA is one of the most beautiful and forest-rich mountains in Serbia. UNESCO has declared the Golija-Studenica Biosphere Reserve within the 75,183 ha Nature Park. It stretches within the Latin letter S in the length of 32 km, and at the suggestion of the Institute for Nature Protection of Serbia, the MAB / UNESCO Committee within the Nature Park of 75,183 ha declared the Biosphere Reserve "Golija-Studenica" on an area of 53,804 ha within the Nature Park .

The Government of the Republic of Serbia, in July 2001, adopted a Decree putting the area of mountain Golija under protection as a nature park called „Golija“ and  is classified in the category of protection as a natural resource of great importance. Golija has a good basis for the formation of ski trails and recreation in the form of slow  walking and hiking in almost pristine nature.  Golija is real, wild mountain, with the most snowfall in Serbia, but also very pleasant and warm summers. Considered the expanse of coniferous forests, ecosystems and size, with the mountain Golija can be measured only Kopaonik Mountain, which forms the final part of the region, but expanse of Golija is twice as large as Kopaonik. Because of the mysterious majestic beauty, preserved natural wealth and numerous cultural and historical sites, many people evaluate Golija as the most beautiful mountain in Serbia.